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Hi There!

Entrusting your business pitches to a stranger isn't easy. So, first things first, let me introduce myself to let you know who exactly you are dealing with.

My name is Khadijah Begum. I have worked as an adult education consultant specializing in sales. But I was always drawn to writing. Poetry, reading, and writing are my passion, which led me to discover my true calling.


Finally, I decided that the time has come to do what I really love so I invested heavily in my training. Of course, I realize that it takes more than just passion for excelling in a field. I firmly believe that preparation is the pinnacle for running a successful business.

I was inspired by Benjamin Franklin who once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

I have undergone significant training to perfect my skills and deliver nothing short of perfection. I was mentored under Sean Ferres in his amazing CMB program. This isn't all.

I have learned email copywriting first hand from leading authorities in the field, Sam Robson & Tyler Ryan. They have written emails and built funnels for many renowned and successful 7, 8, 9 figure businesses, including; Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Biotrust, Vshred, and many more. I have acquired training from the best, and my work reflects that.

After all, I love learning new things. This and my love for reading and writing is what drew me to the copywriting world and inspired me to put my heart and soul into perfecting it.

- Aim

My Goal In Life.

I’m one of those ambitious people who have always wanted to make a difference, who wants to use their skills for the benefit of others.

I inspire to make sure that my copywriting skills enable businesses to witness new heights. I understand that the pandemic hasn't been easy on anyone. Everyone has suffered due to it in varying capacities. But the businesses had to bear quite a bit of financial losses to the extensive lockdowns worldwide. So many renowned companies had to file for bankruptcy. Times have indeed been troubling.

Now is the time to take control back into our hands. I want to make sure that I prove to be of assistance to all the businesses struggling to get back on their feet, who want to cover their losses, and want to make a fresh start. I want to do my part and make a difference in people's lives. I want to bring them closer to their goal. I want to use my skills to help companies give their businesses a boost.

Having lived in a metropolitan and diverse city like London my whole life, I have acquired an excellent understanding of people's varying tastes and preferences. I know what strikes a chord with the masses, and my work makes a note of that.

As a health and fitness advocate, I acknowledge the crucial role of fitness and nutrition in leading a well-balanced lifestyle. So naturally, the health and fitness industry pique my interest and I’m very passionate about it. I enjoy collaborating with fitness coaches tremendously, but I can create the perfect content for just about any business.

Why should I be your choice? Because I run my business with integrity and value. Nothing is more vital to me than my commitment to the clients and their respect and trust.

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